With summer in the city comes new summer attractions to check out along the city’s waterfront. Last year there was the massive duck that sat in the Toronto waterfront for a few days and while that isn’t coming back this year a new giant inflatable attraction is in the works 

This year the Redpath Waterfront Festival has announced their building what is called the HTO Pendulum Wave.  

So, what exactly is this? And, more importantly, will it be better than a gigantic duck?  

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The Pendulum Wave is a structure built out of six 6.5-feet-tall beach balls that will swing back and forth while hanging from a large frame. 

And it is massive, the entire installation will be 22 feet tall, 42 feet wide and 12 feet deep, and it weighs 19,000 pounds.  

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the thing isn’t built yet so we can’t show EXACTLY what it will look like but if you watch the YouTube video of a smaller scale Pendulum Wave below you can get a pretty good idea. 

The balls all hang at different heights and when set in motion create mesmerizing patterns when viewed from the right angle.  

The Redpath Waterfront Festival will from June 22-24, and on top of the gigantic structure will feature a circus show and an artisan market among other things. 

So if the giant rubber duck last year wasn’t really for you maybe this is.  

Source: Toronto Star