PETA Is Suing Toronto Over The Disappearance Of Their Anti-Canada Goose Ads

Toronto is being accused of taking down the ads after receiving a "single complaint"
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Is Being Sued By PETA For Taking Down Anti Canada Goose Ads

The 6ix is facing some serious legal woes right now. The City of Toronto is being sued by PETA over its alleged violation of the group’s rights. CP24 reported that the non-profit organization is accusing the city of removing its ads, which strongly opposed Canada Goose by suggesting that geese and coyotes are killed for the feathers and fur used for its coats, a day after they were posted.

PETA is arguing that Astral Media Outdoor L.P., who maintains the city’s bus shelters and controls their advertisements, removed the ads after receiving a complaint from an ad agency who represents Canada Goose.

“PETA will reveal in court, Astral received only one complaint—from the ad agency that represents Canada Goose, which implied to Astral that if it wanted to continue to maintain its strong working relationship with Canada Goose, the ads must come down,” a statement from organization read.

The non-profit argues that since Astral works on behalf of the city, its decision to take down its ads violated PETA's free-speech rights. PETA is attempting to convince an Ontario Divisional Court to conduct a judicial review of the matter.

PETA also argues that they "had every right to call the public’s attention to the coyotes who are caught in painful steel traps and the birds who die violently so that their fur and feathers can be used for Canada Goose jackets" and that they "look forward to holding Astral Media and the city of Toronto accountable for violating our rights and to seeing our lifesaving ads reposted.”

The 2019 Toronto International Film Festival was also disrupted this year after a PETA protest boycotted its opening event to highlight the animal rights organization's opposition to Canada Goose's status as TIFF's official sponsor.

PETA billboards showing the faces of a goose or a coyote next to the words "I Want You to Change. Don't Buy Down: Boycott Canada Goose" and "I Want You to Change. Don't Buy Fur: Boycott Canada Goose," were placed outside the festival’s kick-off back in September. 

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber also recently came under fire from PETA after posting a picture of his new hybrid cats. The organization slammed the pop singer for not adopting and for allegedly fueling the “dangerous demand” for the expensive breed.

PETA held its hearing on the issue at Toronto's Osgoode Hall at 10:00 a.m. on October 15th, 2019. 

Narcity has requested a comment from PETA, the City of Toronto, and Canada Goose and will update this story when they respond. 

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Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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