The TTC is an obvious choice for anyone looking to get around the city late at night. Subways currently run until around 1:30am, but that could all be changing. 

The TTC is looking at shortening the operating hours of the subway as an option to increase their track maintenance window. 

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This is the result of an audit on Toronto's transit system that found the hours that trains are running on the lines greatly limits the amount of time allowed for work to be done at track level.  

According to the TTC, workers aren't able to go down to track level until all the trains have completely cleared the lines. Trains don't fully clear the tracks until 2:30am and are back out at 5:30am leaving a window of only three hours to do any maintenance, time which includes setting up and cleaning up. 


The audit made a comparison to other transit systems as well and found that the TTC's window for track level maintenance as two hours smaller than other systems, which limited the productive minutes of workers greatly. In some cases, TTC workers had 225 minutes less to do work than those of other transit systems. 

In an attempt to try to improve this maintenance window, the TTC is going to evaluate the demand of the late night trains and determine where they can cut back on hours, in order to provide more time for workers. 

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If subways do stop running at an earlier time it could mean longer and more congested bus rides for the city's late night passengers.