It may be -25 C outside, but when has that every stopped a true Canadian from going out and doing their favourite winter activities?

Even though it's not officially winter just yet, it sure feels like it. And with a new skating rink and path launching in Toronto this weekend, you've just gained one more spot on your "to-do" list for winter 2017/2018. 

A new ice rink and skating path is just days away from opening in Toronto's east end and it's so worth freezing your tooshie off to see.

The Riverdale Park Ice Rink and Skating Trail opens today with a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation councillors. The new additions to Riverdale Park were not set to open for another month, but Christmas came early this year and the new rink and trail will officially open to the public this Saturday! 

Get ready to skate, sip on some hot chocolate and hit the #RiverdaleRink with your besties or s/o! 

But if ice skating isn't your thing, the Riverdale Park is already known to be a popular spot in the city for tobogganing thanks to its many hills. So fingers crossed it snows a bit more in time for the weekend so you can hit the hills! 

Located near Danforth and Broadview Ave., the new rink and trail open this Saturday, December 16 at 11 a.m. Bundle up and get ready to take plenty of pics because this spot has great views of the downtown Toronto skyline. 

Source: City of Toronto