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Toronto Is Getting A Brand New Waterfront Housing Community Literally On The Water

The park will be part of a new island community in Toronto.
Toronto Is Getting A Brand New Waterfront Housing Community Literally On The Water

Toronto Portlands is getting a facelift. As part of a billion dollar project, Toronto is not only revitalizing its waterfront but also expanding it. 

The Toronto Portlands project is a massive development that will see a gorgeous new waterfront park, housing, a streetcar track, and other development all built on what is currently part of the lake. 

Via Waterfront Toronto

In order to make this happen, crews at the site have begun trucking in a lot of dirt and shale and other materials to build a new island. They are going to fill up the 7.5-meter deep area with all this material to literally create the brand new land where there is currently water. 

The project is not only innovative but also environmentally friendly as all the materials being used to fill the lake are recycled from other construction sites in the city. 

Via Waterfront Toronto

The finished product is going to be known as Villiers Island. The plan is for a new bridge connecting the island to the rest of Toronto. The waterfront community will provide spaces for business, housing, and recreation. 

Before this project was announced the portlands had pretty much been abandoned in terms of development for decades. It is actually considered one of the most under-developed urban areas in North America. 

Via Waterfront Toronto

A big issue that has come up in the new island construction is the flood risk. As it currently sits if there was heavy rain the island would be completely underwater in no time, but crews are also building a new flood wall that will protect the portlands completely. 

Source: CityNews

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