Who doesn't love eating cookie dough? Let's be real, sometimes it tastes even better than the baked cookie itself. Thankfully for you, Toronto is getting its first ever cookie dough parlour and it looks amazing. We cannot wait to step into a store that is completely dedicated to cookie dough that is safe to eat.

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Dough T.O. is a company fully dedicated to serving massive, delicious scoops of cookie dough. They have all types of flavours, from Oreo to birthday party, salted caramel and more. Unfortunately, they currently don't have a permanent store, but Dough T.O. does do pop-ups and catering. 

Luckily for Torontonians, you'll be able to get your cookie dough fix all spring and summer long at Dough T.O.'s newest pop-up. They revealed to Narcity in an email today that they will be opening a pop-up storefront that will be open for both the spring and summer season, starting next month in April!

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"Get ready to PUT YOUR DOUGH WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS BECAUSE TheDough Dealers from Dough T.O are back and ready to serve on Queen West", reads the email from Dough T.O. 

The Dough T.O. pop-up parlour will be open for six months long, starting in April! You'll be able to satisfy all your cookie dough cravings at their storefront location on 719 Queen St near Chinatown. 

They told Narcity that they will be serving all types of cookie dough scoops that are safe to eat, such as classic chocolate chip, Oreo, triple chocolate, birthday party, salted caramel and more! Dough T.O. will also be launching new products including grab&go dough, dough jars, and cookie dough ice cream. 

Check out some photos of their mouthwatering cookie dough scoops below. We are beyond excited to devour this treat. 

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We are dying of excitement for Toronto's only current store that is fully dedicated to cookie dough to open next month. Dough T.O. will announce the exact opening dates next week, so stay tuned. 

To find out more on Dough T.O., you can visit their website