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Toronto Is Getting An All-New Website That Finds The Cheapest Local Auto Shops For Your Car

Oil change? No problem!
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Toronto Is Getting An All-New Website That Finds The Cheapest Local Auto Shops For Your Car

If you drive,there's probably nothing you hate more than getting your car repaired. It's usually a search-intensive, time-consuming, expensive hassle that no one looks forward to. And actually finding where to get your car fixed in Toronto isn't as straightforward as it seems.

Whether it's dealing with mechanics who try to up-sell you on unnecessary work, being out of the only means of transportation while you wait for your car (and bill), or just being left with a general lack of transparency when it comes to dealing with the mechanic, most people who have owned a car have a story or two to tell about a less than satisfying time they've had at an auto shop. 

Still, you'll have to go eventually, so how do you make the whole affair as easy as possible? Well, lucky for Torontonians, there's an all-new website that streamlines the car maintenance process for you.

Via Pixabay/Danvolks99

BUKL is a web app that does everything you don't want to do when it comes to searching for a new auto shop. All you have to do is sign up and select your car's make, model and year, what car maintenance you're looking for (oil change, tire rotation, brakes, inspections, diagnosis) and your location.

Let's say you picked one of the most popular reasons for a visit to the mechanics: An oil change. BUKL would then ask you some follow up questions specific to your car (like the number of kilometers driven, for example). 

Then, click "next" and the website will show you a list of mechanic shops in your local area as well as the complete cost of the service. I'll repeat that: The COMPLETE cost of the service! That's right, you can finally go to the mechanics and not have to worry about receiving a surprise bill at the end.

You can pick your shop - whether it's the cheapest, the closest, or the one with the best rating of customer service - and select when you're free to drop off your car. The shop will confirm the booking within four hours, and all you have to do is drive to the location, get your service done, pick up your car and the auto shop confirms the job is complete via the web app, then BUKL will charge your credit card.

Via Unsplash/AndrasVas

If you want to help out other car owners, you can rate the quality of the auto shop and service you used for future users of BUKL. Who knew car repairs could ever be this transparent? It's like a guardian angel for your car and your wallet!

Oh, and the best part? BUKL is currently holding a giveaway on their Facebook page where users can win free oil changes for a year! Considering car owners should get these done at least every season, not having to worry about paying for them would be a huge savings for any Torontonian.

Visit BUKL's website and Facebook page for more information, and to win free oil changes for a year!