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Toronto Is Getting An Epic Food Festival This Spring

Party with top chefs and mixologists!
Toronto Is Getting An Epic Food Festival This Spring

As if Toronto’s culinary scene could get any better, it looks like things will soon be heating up to the next level! Epic food festival Tastemaker is making its way to Toronto for its second year in a row this spring, promising to please palates of all different tastes and preferences.

This year, Tastemaker has paired up with some of Toronto's top chefs and mixologists - and a few from out of town - to collaborate and serve unique, delicious dishes and drinks. Taking place over the weekend of May 10 - 12, this is one party that every Torontonian with an appreciation for good food and good times must attend!

However, don’t let the term "food festival" mislead you:Tastemaker isn't like any other culinary festival that you’ve ever been to before. In a nutshell, it’s the ultimate foodie house party. The Tastemaker concept allows for food-lovers to see their favourite local chefs and mixologists in action, and are encouraged to join them in celebrating the two things we all universally love: amazing food and drinks.

Like any good party, the heart of Tastemaker is in the kitchen. The Tastemaker Kitchen is where some of the city's best chefs will pair up, collaborate and blend their unique styles to produce one-of-a-kind menus that represent Toronto on a plate. 

You can expect to see top chefs like Patrick Kriss (Alo), Brandon Olsen (La Banane), Paula Navarette (Momofuku Kojin), Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station), Michael Hunter (Antler), and tons more. If you’ve ever hung out at a restaurant after hours, you already know how much of a good time it is to hang with the staff. Consider this your amplified opportunity to party with the best chefs in your city and treat yourself to culinary masterpieces created specifically for the Tastemaker festival. Are you hungry yet?

Oh, and have we mentioned the music? With a rotation of DJs spinning throughout the day and night from inside the kitchen, guests can hit the dance floor while tasting unique creations and mixing with the chefs. The same rules apply at Tastemaker’s very own drinks cabinet, the Tastemaker Bar – a craft cocktail spot bringing together the city’s mixologists, putting forward fresh local twists on all the classics. Also joining the party? 30+ restaurants and producers in Toronto, with tons of yummy samples for you to try as you boogie your way through the celebrations.

Can you imagine a better way to spend a weekend than by indulging in some sublime grub, ordering a few customized cocktails, and busting some moves so you can, well, get in the mood for even more food? Try and name a cooler event. We’ll wait.

If you can’t imagine anything sweeter than top-notch food, drinks, and entertainment, we’re happy to say that it gets even better. Tons of talented local artisans will also be setting up shop on the premises, meaning you can browse and shop around while you chow down on the best culinary delights that Toronto has to offer.

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The best part? Pay your entry fee ahead of time and enjoy an all-inclusive Tastemaker Toronto experience when the festival rolls around. That’s right – you can leave your wallet at home the day of. Consider it your all-access pass to hang with the coolest chefs and musical figures in the 6ix. No tokens or wallets required, just your empty stomach plus the urge to dance and have an amazing time.

From their Tastemaker Kitchen to their Tastemaker Bar, Tastemaker Toronto offers special experiences unparalleled to any other foodie festivals. The festival will take place Friday, May 10 to Sunday, May 12 at Evergreen Brick Works, and tickets start at $45.00 (plus fees + tax). It's also your last chance to get tickets with the exclusive $10 discount using code NARCITY. Get yours now so you can eat and party to your heart's (and stomach's) content later!

Make sure to follow Tastemaker on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and check their website for more information!