Toronto Is Getting Really Horrible Rain This Weekend

Grab your thunder buddy.

Just as the weather was starting to get better, it's about to get worse. With all this heavy wind we've been experiencing this week, it probably isn't much of a surprise. According to Environment Canada, most of Southern Ontario will be expecting a significant amount of rain this weekend.

The rain will continue Saturday through Sunday afternoon and it may be heavy at certain points. Approximately 20 to 40 millimetres is expected to fall over central and eastern Ontario, and there's a risk of thunderstorms. It's almost July, for goodness' sake.

Way to rain on our Pride Parade plans, weather! At least Monday's looking to be sunny and beautiful.

P.S. we'll be doing live coverage of the Pride Parade this Sunday on Snapchat – add us: NarcityToronto.

Photo cred – The Weather Network