Toronto Is Getting Unique Art Installations Across The Waterfront This Winter

Brave the cold!
Toronto Is Getting Unique Art Installations Across The Waterfront This Winter

Toronto is an amazing city full of exciting events, unreal cafes and restaurants, and a bustling art scene! But even though all of these things make us feel lucky to live in this city every day, there's one thing that stands out as the best part of Toronto. That is the Toronto waterfront. 

Without our gorgeous waterfront, this city would be pretty boring honestly. That's why, even in the winter months, we try to celebrate the beautiful waterfront that we have and that's what the Winter Stations are all about! 

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Toronto's Winter Stations officially started 3 years ago and this city has been loving it ever since. It's an award-winning international design competition and exhibition featuring temporary public art installations across The Beaches waterfront. 

They're officially coming back this year with some super exciting installations that will be taking over our wintry beaches! Starting on January 19th and running until February 24th you'll have the chance to wander down to The Beaches waterfront and see these unique art installations for yourself. 

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In the past few years, there were some pretty impressive installations like the Pussy Hat, the Snow Cone, the fire pit and so many more! They've officially announced the winners for this year's event and they look super cool.

You can expect to the see The Forest of Butterflies, the Mind Station where you can stick your head through holes in a wooden circle, Above the Wall which is a stairway to nowhere, The Cavalcade, Intuit, and Ground2. Most of the submissions are local but there are some from Mexico, Poland, and the US! 

Check out their website for more information!