Toronto Is Going To Get Hit With The First Snowfall Of The Season This Week

Canadians living in the GTA should expect to wake up to snow on Thursday morning!
Toronto Is Going To Get Hit With The First Snowfall Of The Season This Week

While many Torontonians have been enjoying the crisp fall weather we've been having in the city, it looks like the seasons will be changing faster than we anticipated. 

This week, Toronto will be hit with the first snowfall of the season when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius overnight on Wednesday. Last year we didn't see snow in the city until December so it looks like we will be starting winter in Toronto a little earlier this year. 

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Wednesday night is expected to be the coldest night this week and that will help bring flurries to the city. Since the temperatures are going to be dropping to around freezing point, Torontonians should expect mixed precipitation of wet snow and rain.

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Rob Kuhn, who is a severe weather meteorologist at Environment Canada, told CBC that those living in the GTA should be expecting snow also. Kuhn said that it wouldn't be surprising if Canadians living in the Peel, Halton, Durham, and York regions were hit with their first snow of the season also. 

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The snow will be moving inland from both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, meaning that the GTA should expect a rainy day before temperatures drop and cause snow on Wednesday evening. 

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So don't get stuck in the snow on Thursday morning and plan ahead. It would be a good time to start pulling out the winter boots from the back of your closet so you're prepared for the city snow this week. 

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Luckily the weather will warm up to 9 degrees Celsius during the day on Thursday, so the snowy weather won't be staying for long in Toronto. 

Source: CBC