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Toronto Is Having 2 Massive Designer Sample Sales This Weekend

Winter jackets, purses, shoes and more!

Ah, sample sales. The best way to literally wrap yourself in luxurious goods, without having to pay luxurious prices, sample sales are pretty much a blessing sent to this earth from the fashion heavens.

And if you love sample sales as much as the next person, then you're going to want to sit down for this massively good bit of news.

via @samplesaleguys

The Sample Sale Guys, known for their quality goods sold at crazy inexpensive prices, are putting on not one but TWO glorious sample sales for those of us who want to look amazing but not spend a whole lot of money this year.

The first sample sale is going down December 4 - 7 at Le Parc in Thornhill, Ontario.

via @mackage

This first Sample Sale Guys sale will feature something that'll keep you looking and feeling HOT AF this winter: brand name winter parkas.

via @parajumpers_official

They'll be selling Mackage, Canada Goose, Rudsak, Parajumpers, Soia & Kyo and much more - all up to 50% off! Plus, for those out there who like to keep warm, look good AND dress ethically, the sale will also feature a huge selection of vegan coats.

via @parajumpers_official

Although this sale is highkey amazing - just wait. It's about to get so much better!

via @samplesaleguys

Sampe Sale Guys are also putting on a second sale in conjunction with the first one. Going down on December 5 - 7, also at Le Parc, this particular sale will feature (wait for it)... all Versace.

This is the first EVER Versace sample sale in Canada and it's all going down right here in Ontario. Yup, that's right: on December 5 - 7, you could be taking part in the very first Canadian Versace sample sale with the Official Versace Company. Let's be real, is there anything more unique and special than that?

via @versace_official

The sale will feature Versace hand bags, shoes and accessories for up to 80% off. Which is a HUGE steal, basically!

Although these are two different sales, they're both going down at the same time and the same place, making for one MASSIVE sale. In fact, the Sample Sale Guys Winter Parka and Versace sales will take up three rooms. That's THREE rooms full of brand name clothes, parkas, handbags, shoes and accessories... all for less!

via @samplesaleguys

If you are going to take a stroll down to Le Parc for this massive four day Sample Sale Guys sale, just keep in mind that there won't be any strollers allowed and there's a mandatory bag check on the way out, as well as a mandatory coat check. 
via @samplesaleguys

For more information on The Sample Sale Guys and their massive designer sales going down this December, check out their Facebook, Instagram and website!