Get ready Toronto because Winter is Coming! Uh ... I mean summer, summer is coming. But there's also a Game of Thrones themed rave coming  this weekend so I guess winter really IS coming!

The party is awesomely named Rave Of Thrones and if that wasn't cool enough DJ Hodor himself Kristian Nairn will be headlining the event. That's right, the gentle giant who can't say anything besides his own name has been a DJ for over 20 years so don't miss your chance to catch him live.

The rave is this Friday April 17th at the Phoenix Concert Theater and will features elements from all 7 kingdoms of Westeros split into 2 party rooms.

Full costumes are encouraged but keep in mind everyone will want to dress as the same characters so if you're planning on being Daenerys Targaryen, you'd better make sure you're the best one there. And if you're thinking about going as Jon Snow, just remember that this is a rave and you will definitely regret wearing all that fur and winter gear.

Tickets are on sale HERE