Festival season is in full swing right now. No matter what you love there is most likely a festival that you can head to this summer. From mac n' cheese to burgers to beer to Italian food to bubble tea to yoga, the amount of festivals this summer has been unreal. Prepare yourself for another crazy festival that is sure to leave you satisfied.

If you're someone that loves to sip on a cold caesar on a hot summer day, then you will love this festival from start to finish. Whether you're someone that prefers less toppings or pretty much a full meal as a topping, you are bound to enjoy this huge festival. 

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Caesar Festival is coming to Toronto this month and you can't miss it. The festival is a celebration of Canada's National Cocktail. Caesar Festival is organized by a group of Caesar lovers, sponsors, and crafty Caesar makers. The festival will serve you some of the best tasting and most unique Caesars in the city. While there you can also pair your drink with gourmet food. There will also be entertainment through the day that will keep you having a blast the entire time. 

If you have ever thought about what Caesars made with whiskey, tequila, unique vodkas and jagermeister might taste like, this festival will give you the chance to try them out. Who knows, you may end up being pleasantly surprised by the incredible flavours and unique taste!

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You will also get to participate in the crowning of the “Best Caesar In Town” contest. This contest is a journey across Canada as the Nation's top bartenders compete in each province in the hope that their cocktail is crowned the “Best Caesar In Town”. 

There will be a yard games area perfect for you if you love to get competitive. If you're someone who's more chilled out you can head to the terrace to sip away your day. Caesar Festival will have tasty caesars, live entertainment, delicious food, celebrity judges, and unique garnishes to top your drinks. 

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Caesar Festival will be on Sunday July 22nd at the Fifth Social Club and Rooftop Terrace (225 Richmond St W Suite 100). Tickets for the festival are on sale right now so be sure to get them before it's too late. For more information about the festival be sure to visit the website here.

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