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Toronto Is Hosting A Huge Harry Potter Yule Ball This Winter

For all of the true Harry Potter fans.

Calling all Harry Potter fans, this one's for you! I recently wrote an article about a huge Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire live concert happening in Toronto and everyone was rightly excited, and now there's a new event that is going to be just exciting! 

If you know the books and movies, you know that there was a winter wonderland ball that took place during The Goblet of Fire called the Yule Ball and it looked truly magical. True Harry Potter fans always wished they could experience this type of winter magic in real life, and now we can! There's an event coming up this winter callled Muggles & Magic that is putting on a Yule Ball and a Yule Time Magic Market! 

Via IMDb

Via IMDb

On December 8th all Harry Potter fans are invited Toronto's first Yule Ball inspired by The Goblet of Fire! The event includes a magical feast, a wand class, a Yule Time Wizard market, a costume contest, a photobooth, DJ and dancing and so much more! 

Anyone who wants to attend this super fun event is encouraged to dress in costume, formal attire or muggle-wear to make this event even better. You can even win a $200 prize for best costume if you go hard enough! 

On Saturday, December 8th there will be two separate events that you can attend, you can purchase a ticket separately to the Yule Time Market which will run from 10am-4pm or you can purchase a ticket to the Yule Ball which runs from 7pm-2am. A ticket to the ball includes access to the market though. 

Tickets to the Yule Time Market costs just $10 and a ticket to the Yule Ball costs $70 for early bird tickets! The market will have a huge display of Christmas items from over 40 vendors. The location of the event is kept secret until November so you can buy your ticket now but the location will be a complete surprise which adds a little bit of extra excitement and mystery! You'll also receive your invitation in the mail in true Hogwarts fashion. 

Via IMDb

Check out their website for more information and to buy your ticket!