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Toronto Is Hosting A Massive Coffee Festival This Spring

I can't espresso how cool this event is!
Toronto Is Hosting A Massive Coffee Festival This Spring

Coffee is pretty much universally loved by everyone around the world. It's the thing that makes Monday mornings bearable, pulls us out of our mid-afternoon funks and helps us through out all-nighters.

Caffeine is truly a magical thing that makes up a huge part of most of our days, without which we probably couldn't function as humans most of the time. That's why it's no surprise that there's a massive festival in celebration of the wonderful substance that is coffee!

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Beanstock Coffee Festival is coming back again this year, bigger and better than ever! This amazing festival will be taking place at the Harbourfront Centre located at 245 Queens Quay West on May 26th and 27th.

This festival is a non-profit that is held to bring awareness to Third Wave, Specialty coffee! Tickets are on sale now and include a whole lot such as a reusable Beanstock mug, a token to trade with the roaster of your choice for a full bag of coffee, unlimited coffee, latte art, espresso and cupping classes and so much more!

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Some of the local roasters that will be at the event may sound familiar to you because most of them are local! You'll find Demello Palheta, Dispatch, Hale Coffee, Pilot, Reunion Island, Barocco, Propellor and more set up at the event! Some are even coming all the way from Montreal for the festival.

If you're a coffee lover, you definitely shouldn't miss this awesome event! There will also be tons of vendors selling food and coffee accessories plus live music all throughout the day.

Tickets to the event cost $25 for a specific time slot, $65 for and entire day pass, and $120 for the entire weekend pass.

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Check out their website for more information.

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