Just like your favourite pair of jeans, there is one degree that is inherently relevant, can be used for any occasion, and goes with you everywhere supporting your dreams. I have a close relationship with my pants..err MBA degree.

Having done a part-time, thesis-driven, internship-required MBA myself, I can corroborate (#MBAbuzzword) that not all MBAs are created equally. Finding the right MBA for you can seem as impossible as finding that perfect pair of dream-achieving jeans. But it doesn't have to be.

Obviously this article won't solve all your problems, but it can at least point you to somewhere that will. The QS World MBA Tour happening on September 10, 2016 at the Metro Convention Centre is that place.

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In continuing with my jeans metaphor, there is extreme bias when buying jeans. Asking a Gap salesperson for their opinion on the best jeans ever, is not going to lead to an impromptu field trip to Levi’s boot cut section. Offering the best selection and direct access to the highest-quality Canadian and international MBA schools, you'll get your info straight from the source.

You’re investing serious time and money, so you better get good use out of them. Return on investment is everything. Talking to fellow MBA candidates, alumni, and industry professionals can provide invaluable insight to ensure you don’t buy mom jeans when bell-bottoms are coming back in a fierce way.

So you've spoken with the right people, done your research, decided on some school preferences...next step? GMAT. I’ve never written any other major entrance exam, but GMAT prep helped me be a more useful person, seriously (and I’m very rarely serious). Find the right GMAT study technique at the QS World MBA Tour - Get your perfect score - And get into your dream school!

I’m going to sneak in funding talk here. Tuition is like a Toronto real estate down payment. Ok, so this investment is more in your control than the market, which is probably why you're considering it. But unlike a Toronto house, there are options. In fact, the QS World MBA Tour has got over $2 million worth of scholarship options up for grabs at the event.

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Long story short, find that perfect-fitting, hip-hugging, slenderizing MBA program that's right for you all under one roof at the QS World MBA Tour. An online MBA perhaps? Then you won't even need to wear pants.

Check out the QS World MBA Tour website for more details, and make sure to register. Entry is free for Narcity TO readers (a saving of $15), so don’t miss out!