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Toronto Is Hosting An Italian Food Festival You Gotta Attend This Month

Turn the heat up on your cooking game.

Everyone knows that good food is the quickest way to a person's heart, and the Italians have truly mastered this art - I mean, who doesn't love pizza?

Toronto is in luck this month, as next week, a four-day Italian food festival is taking place at Centennial College in their new Culinary Arts Center. Whether you're a cooking newbie, seasoned foodie, or you just love Italian food, this event is for you.

From November 15-18, CENTITALIA: Gusto Cultura!, in partnership with the ICCO, is bringing some Mediterranean heat to our increasingly chilly city to educate and inspire Torontonians and to get them cooking like an Italian - and everyone's invited!

Things kick off next Tuesday with a free-to-attend symposium (register here), which will bring together demonstrations from acclaimed chefs, vendor showcases, tastings and workshops covering everything from olive oil to wine. You can basically spend your whole day surrounded by food and wine and get away with it because it's educational ;).

During the rest of the week, four chefs-in-residence direct from Italy's most prominent food regions, including Piedmont and Tuscany, will be hosting the Italy Food Tour Series, inviting members of the public to join them for a lunch or dinner masterclass.

Over the course of 3 hours, they'll let you in on the secrets of the industry, sharing how to properly prepare and cook with some of Italy's most famous ingredients. From the hearty and homely to the fine and fancy, each workshop will educate you on typical ingredients and meals from that region of Italy, leaving you inspired and eager to get into the kitchen to put what you learned into practice. You'll also get the lowdown on wine pairings so you can nail it every time when it comes to date night.

So whether you can cook a three-course meal in your sleep, or can barely boil an egg, if you love your food and want to learn more about how Italy is killing it in the food scene, head to Centennial College next week and take your cooking skills to the next level.

I know your taste buds are already tingling at the thought of it all, so sign-up for the Italy Food Tour Series workshops now before all the spots are taken and visit the CENTITALIA: Gusto Cultura! website to get all the info on the festival including a full schedule of events!