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Toronto Is Hosting North America's Largest Dog Festival This Spring

A 'paw'sitively adorable event!

I think we can all agree that dogs are literally the best animal to ever exist. We're all incredibly lucky to be living in a world with cute, fluffy puppers that just want to hang out with us all day long. 

If you're reading this I'm sure you're just as obsessed with cute pups as I am because honestly, who isn't? There's a reason they're called 'a man's best friend' because all they want to do is cuddle with you, they're super excited every time you come home from work and you can't go wrong with a puppy cuddle session. 

That's why it's no surprise that a huge dog festival is being held to celebrate all the amazing dogs in this city! Woofstock is actually the largest dog festival in all of North America and all dog lovers and owners alike shouldn't miss out on this amazing event.

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Woofstock is being held for it's 15th year in a row on May 26th and 27th in the Beaches Woodbine Park! This festival has grown to be super popular now drawing tens of thousands of dogs to the event. 

This festival is all about celebrating dogs, treating them, partying them and showing off their talents and unique quirks in contests and fashion shows. This event is mainly for dog owners to bring their dogs and have a good time but non-dog owners are also free to attend! 

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There will be hundreds of vendors setting up shop at the festival selling all kinds of dog accessories, foods, and treats alike! There will also be tons of great treats for the humans to indulge in as well. 

You can expect to see some seriously hilarious matching costumes with owners and their dogs as well as tons of fun activities you and your dog will love to participate in. Did I mention a dog surfing wave pool? Yup, they have that! 

Tickets to the event cost $12 for entrance into the event for the entire weekend! 

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Check out their website for more information.