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Toronto's Convention Centre Is Hosting A FREE "Study Abroad And Travel" Fair

Seeing the world and finishing your studies at the same time!

There's no denying that being a student in Toronto is awesome, but if you're originally from the 6, it's easy to forget that sometimes. Nothing against this city, but studying is generally boring enough as it is, without the added monotony of an environment that doesn't inspire you anymore.

Studying abroad not only looks great on a resume and teaches you valuable life skills highly sought after by employers, but it also challenges your personal perspectives, helping you become a better global citizen. Plus, working on your tan while studying definitely doesn't hurt. But with so many options, where's the best place to start?

The Study and Go Abroad Fair is the largest international university and student travel expo in Canada, and is the perfect place to learn about the numerous study abroad programs currently out there. Whether it's for a whole degree program like your undergrad, Master’s, PhD etc., or for shorter-term studies, you'll find it here all under one roof.

Meet directly with universities from around the world (UK, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, and many more countries) to get the relevant info you need regarding admission requirements, available scholarships, and program choices, as well as discover some really cool places to study. There are also various seminars held throughout the day, and head to the Travel Zone to learn about gap year options, volunteering, interning, working abroad and learning a new language somewhere new and exciting.

To find out which exhibitors will be there, what scholarships are on offer, seminar schedules, and all the other details you need, check out the Study & Go Abroad website here. We recommend pre-registering online beforehand to save time on the day.

The Study and Go Abroad Fair takes place on February 28, 2016 @ the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.