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Toronto Is In For Another Freezing Cold Week Next Week

Toronto will be getting more bitter cold winter weather this upcoming week.

Torontonians who were hoping to see a little bit of that spring weather come in next week will have to wait a little longer. Although this Friday’s weather may have seemed like an indicator that the city was finally about to get a little sunshine and warmth, next week's forecast would suggest otherwise. Chilling artic winds are set to blow through the Great Lakes region this week. 

Toronto, in particular, will experience nightly lows that could dip as low as -22°C on Wednesday. Daily windchills won’t be much better with a possible low of -18°C on Tuesday, according to the Weather Network

On the bright side, the sun will be out this Friday with temperatures sitting at the seasonal level which is about a high of 2°C. This weekend, Torontonians are being told to keep an eye out for light snowfall which is excepted to land on Saturday morning and will continue through to the afternoon. Thankfully, the city won’t be getting another record-setting snowfall and is only expected to get about 2-4cm.

Via Weather Network

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According to Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, the upcoming weather is part of a coast to coast cold pattern that will likely linger for the first few weeks of March.

However, that pattern is expected to change near the middle of the month which will result in a more extended period of milder weather that should lead into April.

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It looks like Toronto is stuck with the winter blues for at least the next few weeks. But once we come out of it, the milder weather should lead us directly into spring; that pleasant time of year when the coats can come off and the lighter jackets can finally be dusted off.