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Toronto Is Opening An All-New Design and Tech School

UX design, web development and digital marketing all in one place!
Toronto Is Opening An All-New Design and Tech School

It's no secret there's been a huge shift in the workplace recently, with a demand for creative talent like never before. With the ICTC reporting that there will be 218,000 new tech jobs by 2020 and not nearly enough people to fill those positions, standard education is clearly not keeping pace with what’s really needed.

Enter RED Academyan all-new design and technology academy from Vancouver making its debut in Toronto this spring, created specifically for the designers, developers, and digital marketers of tomorrow.

A school that came from the industry for the industry, RED Academy’s two founders, both successful tech entrepreneurs, are tackling the biggest issue facing Canada’s tech industry: the huge talent shortage. RED Academy is addressing this gap by providing highly immersive programs teaching the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s fast-evolving workplace.

Instructors are all industry-leading professionals, who will not only give you valuable insight and guidance, but can also help match you with local companies and non-profits so you can gain experience and build your portfolio.

People interested in getting into the tech industry will find RED’s approach to education drastically different from your typical classroom experience. Their classes in user experience design, web development and digital marketing are all taught in a way that replicates what it’s actually like to work in an agency environment, making the transition to the working world as seamless as possible.

RED is a design-first academy; a key difference compared to the other coding bootcamps in Toronto. It also doesn't hurt that their part-time programs are 60% more affordable than similar courses offered in the city

Located on Wellington Street West, RED is now accepting applicants for their 10-week summer programs starting May 9.

So if you've been looking to get into the tech industry or add web development, UX design, or digital marketing to your skill set, make sure to check out RED Academy's website and Facebook for further details.