Every two years, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) compares 30 cities across various social and economic parameters and ranks them in a comprehensive report named Cities of Opportunity.

This year, Toronto ranked in 3rd, beating out other megacities like Paris, Amsterdam and New York. It only trails behind London which took the #1 spot, and Singapore which took the #2 spot.

Toronto's 3rd place ranking this year is an improvement from its 4th place ranking in 2014. It ranked high in categories such as Quality of Life (1st), Ease of Doing Business (4th), Entrepreneurial Opportunities (5th), and Health, Safety and Security (2nd). It did not, however, fare too well when it came to Transportation and Infrastructure (it only came 12th in that category).

Raj Kothari of PwC Canada stated: 

It makes us proud to see Toronto performing so well against many of these renowned global cities. Toronto’s strong performance in metrics related to quality of life and economic potential are consistent with the realities of a city that has been internationally recognized for its cultural diversity, growing community of entrepreneurs, and accessible health care system, social services and education.

You can browse the PwC website for the latest Cities of Opportunity report, as well as other interesting studies.

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