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Toronto Is Under A Special Weather Statement This Week

Photo cred - syntheticstrings

As of yesterday, Environment Canada has put Toronto under a special weather statement. But it's not because we're about to have another ice storm, it's because the weather is about to get unseasonably warm. Despite the fact that Sunday was the first official day of winter, we're about to have our warmest week in a while.

Monday was already hovering around 3 degrees for most of the day, and EC predicts that over the course of the week, we might see the temperature go into the low teens or high single digits in some parts of the city. Pretty great news if you're already ready for a break from winter, but not the best if you were hoping for a white Christmas this week. But Environment Canada also predicts that we actually might get some snow and dropped temperatures on Christmas Day, so all is not lost!

Enjoy your warm weather this week, Toronto. You've earned it.


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