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Mayor John Tory Blames Climate Change For Ongoing Floods On Toronto Island

Tory states that they will look into more ways to protect the island from future flooding.
Ontario Editor
Mayor John Tory Blames Climate Change For Ongoing Floods On Toronto Island

Toronto has been dealing with a lot of rain the past few weeks as spring starts to hit the city at full swing. With multiple storms hitting the GTA, the water at Lake Ontario has started to rise significantly, prompting flooding throughout the Toronto Islands. Toronto Mayor John Tory states that climate change is one of the leading factors as to why these island floods are taking place. 

According to the Weather Networkstorms from last week have resulted in 22cm of water flowing into residential areas and it's only expected to get worse. On Thursday, a break in the sandbag shoreline allowed for water to flood into the island, prompting the locals to re-sandbag the shoreline in attempts to stop the flooding that was taking place. 

Now, parts of the Toronto Islands are facing a "substantial risk" of flooding as Lake Ontario levels start to reach the high level that they were at during the Toronto Islands 2017 flooding. At the moment, Olympic Island is currently under 12 inches of water and will likely be 'off-limits' until the water clears up. However, the rest of the island is currently still open until further notice. 

However, this doesn't mean that Toronto Island is in the clear. Water levels in Lake Ontario are only expected to rise in the upcoming weeks and they aren't expected to peak for another week or two, which could intensify the flooding that has already hit the island. 

Once the water has peaked, the Weather Network warns that Lake Ontario will take several weeks to reduce back down to normal levels. 

When touring the island last week, John Tory stated that one of the main factors of this flooding is climate change. While talking to the Toronto Star he stated that the flooding is, "very much related to climate change."

Tory also told CP24 that "when you see (flooding) happen twice in three years when previously it hadn't happened for 40 years, then that is often enough to tell you that something is definitely changing and not for the better,". 

Tory states that the City will be looking at practical ways to further protect the island against more flooding that may occur in the future. 

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