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Toronto Just Got A Brand New Secret Pasta Restaurant And Our Mouths Are Already Watering

If you are looking for pasta that will make you feel as though you're basking in the Italian sun, Toronto's newest pasta spot is going to be your new favourite. The spot is changing the game for carbs in the city but it didn't come easy for the owners and chefs, Toronto's best-kept food secret has gone through many hardships to finally open this month. 

The story starts back when Famiglia Baldassarre technically "wasn't" a restaurant, because the owner, Leandro Baldassarre, didn't have a food license. So how'd he grow his restaurant? He used Instagram stories to showcase menu items to foodies who followed his restaurant's account. The elite group who were in the know got to enjoy his fresh pasta dishes while the rest of Toronto unknowingly missed out! 

The lack of a license had to do with several hurdles in regards to their location. A practically ancient bylaw that restricted any food spots on Geary St was nearly impossible to bypass. Luckily, the spot finally obtained a B71 license, meaning this past February Baldassarre was officially open for business. 

Right now the restaurant offers daily pasta lunches that change daily but are only available Tuesday to Friday. They also serve up beverages, gelato, and wholesale fresh pasta if you want to make some for yourself at home. You can expect anything from agnolotti Piemontesi to buckwheat raviolini and Ricotta-filled cappellacci. If you aren't Italian, all of that basically means really good pasta. 

So if you are in the market for some comfort food or are a pasta lover who wants the closest thing to authentic Italian carbs in Toronto, Famiglia Baldassarre is definitely the place to visit. They operate on 122 Geary Avenue, where lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday starting at noon and running till 2pm (if they don't sell out first). 

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