Toronto Just Got A New Workspace That Lets You Rent Desks For $5 An Hour

LAUFT has officially launched their first workspace at Upper Canada Mall.
Toronto Just Got A New Workspace That Lets You Rent Desks For $5 An Hour

Life just got a bit better for Toronto's self-employed and remote workers. An innovative new startup, called LAUFT, has officially launched their first coworking space just north of the city at Upper Canada Mall. What makes this coworking space stand apart from the rest is their booking process,  which can be summed up in two words - instant and affordable.

For $5 or less - and in five minutes or less - you can secure a Smart Desk at LAUFT's sleek and modern office space, complete with high-speed WiFi, a universal power supply and a passcode locker. LAUFT also has several key amenities, including printers, scanners, whiteboards and meeting rooms, which you can book separately.

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The best part is that the longer your stay, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes. The entire booking process takes place on their app. With an interface similar to Uber, you can select the workspace of your choice on their interactive map, select the date and time of your reservation and then pay with an in-app Wallet feature, which you load up on your account.

LAUFT's new office space is 2,4000 square feet and is surrounded by places to shop, eat and grab a coffee - guests are welcome to come and go as they please during their reservation, and can count on the safety of their belongings with the passcode locker.

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According to Retail Insider, LAUFT plans to open another workspace in Ottawa's Lansdowne Park next month, and one at Innovation Park at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.  They also have several locations in the works for downtown Toronto.

To see more of LAUFT's new workspace and to book a desk, click here.

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