It is no secret that houses and even rentals in Toronto are expensive AF. This is especially tricky for students who need to be close to their universities and often end up spending all their money on rent. 

Now the city has announced a new project called Home Share to help out with that. It's just like ridesharing, but instead of using someone's car you are living in and contributing to their household.

The #CityofTO is partnering with NICE to launch a HomeShare Pilot Project where older adults (55+) can share space with someone seeking affordable housing. Come to an info session on Thurs, July 19 at City Hall, from 2-3:30pm: @TORHousing @NICElderly

17 July 2018

The project invites seniors, people who are at least 55 in this case, to rent out a spare room in their house to a student in need of affordable housing. 

In exchange for cheaper rent, only about $300-$600, the students will also be required to contribute to the home in some way for 5-7 hours a week, either by doing chores or simply sharing a meal with their host. 

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The project is aimed not only at trying to fix the affordable housing crisis in Toronto but also at building communities since it requires the seniors and students to live together and also connect with each other and their community. 

The seniors must provide information about themselves, their space, and the what they expect to get out of the experience at the beginning and then a facilitator will be in charge of pairing up students and seniors. The homeowners get the final say about who they take in.  

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This type of program has been implemented in other cities, for example, Hamilton and the Halton area have two different projects that pair people in need of somewhere to live with seniors willing to share their homes. 

The city has announced that the project is for a limited time only since it is just a pilot, but further details about when it starts aren't available yet. An information session is being held at City Hall tomorrow for people who are interested.