Children with disabilities living in the GTA are getting a new lease on life. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital received a whopping $1 million donation to aid in its efforts to ensure that children with physical disabilities can remain as active their peers.

Holland Bloorview announced in a press release this week that the generous donation came from the Bank of Montreal. "Holland Bloorview is poised to shape a future of no boundaries for children, youth, and families around the world through excellence in research and innovation," stated Tom Chau, vice-president of research at Holland Bloorview according to "The support of our dedicated donors, like BMO Financial Group, enables bold discoveries in childhood disability."

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Thanks to the generous donation, the staff at the rehabilitation centre will now be able to collect data integral to develop technologies and techniques that will help children with disabilities thrive at high levels. 

The large donation will go towards the development of new prosthetic devices.  The devices will be able to help athletes who are suffering from concussions gauge their eligibility to the sport. The exciting new tool will simulate sports environments and help push forward future robotic therapies. Other devices will be used to enhance children who are born with cerebral palsy’s mobility.

A specialized gym will also be built allowing the children at Holland Bloorview to practice sports, that they would be otherwise unable to participate in. They can even do yoga and benefit from the practice's low-intensity muscle strengthening.

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On top of updating facilities, the money will be used for researching and collecting data in hopes of finding new techniques to encourage kids with disabilities to be able to perform physically at higher levels. 

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Holland Bloorview is a children's rehabilitation centre and research hospital located in the north end of Toronto. They offer physical treatment as well as holistic and community based programs and services.