A $1 Million Dollar Lotto Ticket Is Chilling In Toronto Right Now, Begging To Be Claimed

Could it be yours?
A $1 Million Dollar Lotto Ticket Is Chilling In Toronto Right Now, Begging To Be Claimed

If you have some lotto tickets you've never checked, make sure to do that now because, according to the OLG, you might easily be one of the winners. Apparently, there are over two dozen unclaimed OLG tickets worth close to $5 million and they are soon going to expire. The biggest win is a Toronto Lotto ticket purchased on December 21 of last year.

The $1-million Lotto Max prize that was sold in downtown will expire at the same time this year.

CBC reports most OLG unclaimed prizes are for smaller amounts and it's unlikely for bigger prizes to remain unclaimed.

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According to Smartluck.com, the odds of winning the Lotto Max jackpot are one in 28,633,528 per play. And, likely because of statistics like this, people don't bother checking their tickets, which leads to potential unclaimed wins.

It's estimated that 27 unclaimed Canadian tickets worth a combined $4.7 million are currently floating around the province ahead of their December expiration.

But even with chances like that, according to a survey by investing app Stash, 59 percent of millennials think winning the lottery is a great idea in order to fund things like a retirement plan.

"About 18 percent of all those surveyed are basing their retirement plans on hope of hitting the jackpot someday," the survey says.

With that being said, relying on the chances of a lottery win might seem almost realistic for some - or, at least, no worse than grappling with rising student debt and high cost of living in cities like Toronto while also trying to save a pension.

Last May, a 35-year-old man from Whitby won $55 million, so you never know what you could come across if you check your tickets.

Maybe that way you can pay off your OSAP? One can only dream!

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