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Toronto Madrid Flight Had To Make An Emergency Landing After Engine Issues (VIDEO)

A Toronto-bound Air Canada flight had a close call today after making an emergency landing in Madrid. The flight was carrying 128 passengers when it experienced an engine issue, causing it to circle above Madrid's airport for hours while waiting for an emergency landing. The Toronto Madrid flight was able to land safely and no injuries have been reported. According to CP24, the emergency landing was requested about 30 minutes after takeoff, when it was reported that they started to experience some engine issues. 

Air Canada told Narcity that, "Air Canada flight AC837, Madrid to Toronto, landed safely at Madrid airport this evening and returned to the gate under its own power.

"The aircraft experienced an engine issue shortly after take-off. A tire also reportedly ruptured on take-off, one of 10 on this model of aircraft."The reason it had been circling for hours was to lighten the aircraft for a safer landing, their media rep stated in an email."The aircraft opted to return to Madrid and circled for 4 hours to use up fuel and lighten the aircraft for a safe landing. The aircraft, a Boeing 767-300, is designed to operate safely on one engine and our pilots are professionally and fully trained for this event."

Luckily, everyone on board was okay, and after four hours, the aircraft landed safely. 

"Nonetheless, an emergency was declared in order to obtain landing priority. There are 128 passengers and eight crew onboard and customers will be provided hotels and rebooked on other flights." 

"There are no reported injuries. We have no further details on the cause at present," Air Canada informed Narcity. 

Since the landing, multiple videos have started to appear online that show what appears to be the plane touching down in Madrid. 

According to Global News, everyone in the cabin stayed extremely calm during the whole thing, and there no panic was incited. 

Further media subsequently shared online on Monday by one Twitter user documented the progression of the crisis.

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