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Toronto Man Faces Rare Criminal Charges After His Twitter Account Was Discovered By Police

Rupen Balaram-Sivaram of Toronto faces several rare charges after his Twitter account was discovered by police investigators.
Toronto Man Faces Rare Criminal Charges After His Twitter Account Was Discovered By Police

Superior Court Justice Michael Brown laid down ten criminal charges against Rupen Balaram-Sivaram, a Toronto man facing the extremely rare charge of advocating for genocide. Rupen sent out hundreds of hateful emails to public figures and media organizations in an attempt to convince others to commit atrocities against the Jewish community. Balaram-Sivaram's charges include uttering death threats, promoting hatred, impersonation and criminal harassment.

Balaram-Sivaram's Twitter account was linked to the accused after investigators noticed several patterns that connected his account to his personal life. An image of a tiger used on the Balaram-Sivaram’s Twitter account was also found on his cellphone and his wallpaper.

The social media account was filled with disturbing tweets which actively targeted both the Jewish and gay community. In the tweets, Balaram-Sivaram attempted to rally like-minded individuals to his cause and convince them to carry out genocidal acts. Balaram-Sivaram reportedly stood emotionless as the judge read out several of his disturbing tweets in the courtroom.

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Balaram-Sivaram’s remained in a state of denial during his court appearance claiming he didn’t own the account which unabashedly bore his name. However, the judge did not believe his defence.

Alongside his hate-fueled Twitter activity, Balaram-Sivaram also sent out countless hateful emails to several MP’s going as far as to reach out to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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In arguably his most heinous display of reckless hate the accused sent out an offensive email on October 22th 2014 the day that Nathan Cirillo a corporal for the Ottawa police force was gunned down while standing guard at the National War Memorial On Parliament Hill. The email was entitled “Great news from Ottawa.”

Balaram-Sivram has remained in custody for two years while his crimes have been processed. His sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place on March 20th.

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