Toronto Man Stabs Driver During Parking Dispute This Morning

Two Toronto men got into a parking altercation today which ended in a stabbing.
Toronto Man Stabs Driver During Parking Dispute This Morning

A heated parking dispute turned into a stabbing this morning after a man trying to park his car got into an altercation with another man that lead to a knife being drawn and the victim walking away with a wound. The incident happened at The Esplanade and Lower Sherbourne Street - Toronto Police released the news via Twitter at 9:00 AM on Friday morning.

Both the victim and perpetrator were not at the scene when police arrived, according to an update by Media Relations Officer who Narcity reached out to for further details on the case. 

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STABBING:The Esplanade + Lower Sherbourne St-Appears to be road rage-Man trying to park-Got into dispute with another man-Knife produced during altercation-Victim suffered small cut#GO245846^dh

February 8, 2019

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Unfortunately, not much is known about the incident at the moment. Further details will be provided as more information becomes available. 

Toronto is no stranger to incidents of extreme road rage. Just last month, a man suffered minor injuries after he leaped onto the roof of another's man during a traffic altercation between the two.  

“There was an altercation. The allegation is the driver (of the blue vehicle), not the car, was struck by the suspect (white) vehicle,” Constable David Hopkinson said of the incident according to Sun.

With driving conditionings worsening due to heavy snowfall and ice, it is likely that more cases of road rage will break out before the season is over. Hopefully, in the future, cooler heads will prevail.

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