Toronto Police Services have issued a public alert to inform the city that they are in search of Muhammad Fahad, 35, of Etobicoke. Fahad was arrested on August 21st, 2017, for allegedly pretending to be an Uber driver before he sexually assaulted a female passenger.

Police charged him for sexual assault and theft under $5,000, and he was later freed on a $10,000 bail.  Now, however, Toronto Police are once again looking for Fahad, who has family in Pakistan, after he disappeared on Family Day weekend of this year.

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On August 20th, 2017, Fahad impersonated an Uber driver and picked up a 25-year-old female passenger who was waiting for her ride service outside of Rebel night club at Cherry and Polson Streets in the Lower Don Lands area of Toronto.

He drove her to a secluded location before sexually assaulting the frightened woman, according to a Toronto Police news release.  Fahad then dropped her off at her residence in the east end of the city, after which he stole her debit card from her purse and charged her for the cost of the ride.

Via Toronto Police Services

After searching the crime scene, police confirmed that the forensic evidence submitted as part of the victim's rape kit was a perfect match to the specimens isolated from the interior of the assailant's vehicle.

Fahad was ultimately granted bail, his release conditional upon his guarantee that he could never work or pretend to be a driver or chauffeur again.  He was also banned from Rebel night club property and was ordered to keep his distance from the victim.  He was instructed to hand over his passport and travel documents to authorities but failed to do so, according to the Toronto Sun.

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His release was also contingent upon his enforced house arrest, in which he was ordered to stay at his house on Dixon Road between the hours of 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM. But on Family Day weekend last month, Fahad disappeared from his apartment, violated his curfew condition, and hasn't been heard from since.

Previously, Fahad was employed as an Uber driver and a taxi driver, according to sources who interviewed with the Toronto Sun.  His trial date has been set for February of 2020.