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Toronto Mansion For Sale Has Major "The Crown" Vibes

Have you ever felt like your life is boringly pedestrian? You just can’t shake this feeling that you were born into the wrong world and you catch yourself dreaming from time to time of living in Buckingham Palace? Well, now you can! While you can’t just Airbnb a room from the Queen, you can live in a royal-inspired Toronto mansion for $11 million.

22 Truman Rd. is a beautiful 6-bedroom and 8-bathroom estate in Toronto’s St. Andrew-Windfields neighbourhood, which, as you may have noticed, already sounds pretty darn British.

The interior of the house bears an uncanny resemblance to that iconic Buckingham Palace motif with elegant furnishing, silk drapes, and crystal chandeliers that look as though they were made 100 years ago and yet still seem utterly new.

If you love a good Sound Of Music type of staircase, this place has got you covered on that front.

The bathrooms are equipped with a steam sauna, jacuzzi, and enough class to make you feel like a king or queen while you're in there.

They are also fully furnished, which is fantastic, who doesn’t want a bunch of comfy chairs in their bathroom? That is the true definition of class.

The place has its own nanny suites, which if you know anything about the royal family, is a big plus.

It also has a theatre room, a personal gym, an old-timey study, and an in-ground pool. It’s basically your own little slice of paradise.

You'll feel like living like royalty without having to slave away at all those pesky royal duties.

Also, the backyard, as you could’ve probably guessed, is more significant than life and perfect for hosting a hundred guest barbeques, which you’ve always wanted to try.

22 Truman Rd. 

Price: $11,890,000

Address: 22 Truman Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: You can live like a member of the royal family in this massive estate. 

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