When it comes to picturing your dream home, you probably think of big windows, fireplaces, and maybe even an indoor swimming pool. While this mansion has it all, it's definitely not your stereotypical multi-million dollar Toronto house. In fact, this Toronto mansion for sale looks like it stepped right out of a time machine from the year 3000. 

If you were going to picture a home for the futuristic era, this would definitely hit your vision straight on. From the futuristic exterior to the sunken tub in the bathroom, this mansion looks like it came out of a time-traveling movie. 

However, in order to afford this home, you may want to jump into the future where you can reach for your lifetime savings since it's currently listed at $21,500,000. 

When it comes to Toronto homes, this is one of the most expensive. Listed as the most expensive home on the RE/MAX website, it's definitely worth taking a looking at. 

Located at 194 Roxborough Dr., in the Rosedale-Moore Park area of Toronto, this home just screams futuristic film. Featuring 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a 9 car garage, five floors, and 17,000 square feet of space to decorate, it's definitely a home that's worth drooling over. 

According to RE/MAX, the house was built in 2010 by a worldwide acclaimed mathematician and is meant to feed the imagination and soul with its unique design. 

RE/MAX even states that this house could be one of the top ten private residences built in this century. 

The bathroom actually contains a bathtub that is sunken into the floor, making the entire room feel like a futuristic spaceship washing station. Not to mention, that shower looks amazing. 

On top of that, the blue staircase has you feeling like you are walking straight into a time machine to be transported back to the year 2019 when you finally decide to leave the house. 

The house also comes with its own personal art gallery, to display all of the pieces that you have collected over the years. 

Did we forget to mention that the home also comes with its own personal swimming pool?

You can view the full listing on the RE/MAX website here. 

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