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A Leafs Fan's Homemade Basement Rink Got The Approval Of Auston Matthews (VIDEO)

The transformation is totally un-be-leaf-able!
Toronto Maple Leafs Basement Gets One Young Fan Some Street Cred From Auston Matthews

If you’re seriously missing NHL action right now, then this one’s for you. A superfan's Toronto Maple Leafs basement has been getting plenty of attention in recent days and even Auston Matthews himself approves. Canadian hockey lover Jonah MacMillan posted a TikTok video of the epic basement transformation on April 3 and he gave Narcity the lowdown on how it all came together. 

MacMillan tells Narcity that his goal with the makeover was to hopefully elicit a response from his favourite team in the whole league. 

"When I first created the basement that was my goal, for the Toronto Maple Leafs players to see my video and hear what they thought," Jonah told Narcity.

"I’ve always been a huge Leaf fan, and to hear from some of the players I watch every night would be so cool.

"Auston Matthews himself responded to my video with (three fire emojis). I couldn't believe it when he responded, he made my night. For someone so popular, especially being my favourite player to respond, I seriously couldn't take the smile off my face,” MacMillan continues.

It just goes to show how Canada's sports stars can make fans' days even when there's no actual sport being played.


Painted my basement in to a mini Toronto Maple Leafs rink!!!🔵⚪️##torontomapleleafs##austonmatthews##fyp @nhl @_torontomapleleafs @sportsnetcanada @tsn

♬ original sound - jonah_macmillan

MacMillan's efforts (and his family's) deserved the cred, too.

After all, what was once your average Canadian basement in PEI now features a goalie net, a centre face-off dot, goal lights, and more. 

And naturally, there’s also tons of Leafs memorabilia.

Even Leafs legend Rick Vaive commented with some kind words on the video, which was a pretty cool feeling for MacMillan as well.

[rebelmouse-image 25976532 photo_credit="Jonah MacMillan" expand=1 original_size="506x637"]

To add to the magic, the basement stairs are painted bright TML blue with a list of MacMillan’s favourite players painted onto each step. 

At the top of the staircase? A giant 34, of course, in honour of AM34 himself.

The complete transformation took just over a month to complete, though MacMillan says it’s been a dream of his for a long time now.

"I wanted to do the basement transformation for many years and kept pushing it off. So I then decided let’s just do this, so I have many more years to enjoy this awesome room when it’s finished," MacMillan told Narcity. 

[rebelmouse-image 25976533 photo_credit="Jonah MacMillan" expand=1 original_size="504x639"]

MacMillan worked for hours every day after or before work to get the job done.

“I did all the painting of the entire basement myself, which was tough because I had to be at my best at all times.”

But, lucky for Jonah, Mom and Dad stepped in to help, as well.

Naturally, it’s been hard for MacMillan to stay out of his new Leafy digs. 

[rebelmouse-image 25976534 photo_credit="Jonah MacMillan" expand=1 original_size="892x664"]

“I actually shoot balls down in the basement every day, could be a short amount of time or up to two hours a day... I have three speakers down there that I blast the music in, which really makes for a fun atmosphere down there," MacMillan told Narcity. 

"After the video, I also added lots of lights down there, and a fog machine. My friends really enjoy shooting down there when they come over to visit as well,” MacMillan continued.

[rebelmouse-image 25976535 photo_credit="Jonah MacMillan " expand=1 original_size="900x661"]

We bet they do, Jonah!

From a cool concrete basement to an AM34-approved rink, we're calling this the best glow-up of the season. 

Pucking outstanding.

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