29 Photos Of Toronto Maple Leafs Players Being The Best Damn Dog Dads

This is totally woof your time.
Toronto Maple Leafs Dogs Photos Show They're A Team Full Of Proud Pup Papas

Fans of the Leafs were impressed watching the boys work like dogs to try and turn their playoff chances around last season. But, behind all that hard work, you’ll find a pack of adorable real-life doggos cheering the team along. And not only are the Toronto Maple Leafs dogs the cutest, but the team is full of proud dog dads, too.

In fact, it's the way the Leafs love their pups that really speaks to our Toronto hearts. 

From sharing ice cream cones and basking in the sun to baking full-on doggo birthday cakes, Leafs players are serious dog dad goals.

The wide range of fluffy cuteness was on show on Thursday, Jan. 9 as the Leafs brought their pups along with them for the first day of their annual outdoor practice at Nathan Phillips Square.

If you somehow haven't fallen down that rabbit hole yet, get a load of this wholesome content from that day.

So, if you’re in the same boat as us and you simply can't get enough of some of Toronto's most well-known dogs, get ready for some dramatically adorable pictures of the most pawfect pups on the internet and their equally cute doggo daddies.

Birthday Brunching With Barrie

From the brunch table to the beach, Tyson Barrie is always looking out for his pups.

We Can't Ceci Enough Of This

Cody Ceci looks utterly at peace in this pics. That's why they call it puppy love.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

We can't get over how beautiful Travis Dermott's dog Niylah is!

Just A Goat And His Dog

Frederik "Goat" Gauthier's love for Stella is almost too cute to handle. I mean, he baked her a BIRTHDAY CAKE for Goat's sake!

Hyman's Little Lady

Zach Hyman and his pup are pawsitively adorable together! Can we take her home please?!

Watching The Sunset With Mitch

Whether they're watching the sunset or going all-in on a throuple's Halloween costume, there's no denying how adorable Mitch Marner and his pup are!

The Dogfather

Between caring for his own dog Nala, and dog sitting Barrie's furry BFF, Auston Matthews is serious dog dad/uncle goals.

We Need To See Moore

Trevor Moore and his doggo. Just a couple of sun-kissed babes.

Part Of The Pack

Jake Muzzin's house is buzzin' with pups and boy, are we here for it!

Moe And Maggie

Morgan Rielly and his dog Maggie look out for each other.

Captains Of Cuteness

John Tavares' adorable pups are just part of the family. We're jealous, to be quite honest.

Between Thursday's on-ice dog park and the recent Dog Days Twitter campaign, it seems like the Leafs are always showing off their prized pups.

And honestly, much like the aforementioned recent turnaround in the team's form, we can’t get enough of it. 

A team on the rise and a roster full of dog-lovers? Woof.