The Grumpy Selfie Guy Who Went Viral At The Leafs Game Is Every Toronto Hockey Fan RN

His face says it all.
Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Went Viral For His Hilarious Reaction To The Team's Loss

It has been a rough start to the season for Toronto Maple Leafs fans. The team has been plagued by a series of injuries this year with Mitch Marner, John Tavares, and Alexander Kerfoot, all being put out of commission to various degrees since October.* The unprecedented lousy luck has prevented the Leafs from using their best line up and arguably resulted in them spiraling into a nasty losing streaking that has even the most die-hard fans losing faith. Two Leafs fans went viral on Saturday, for their perfect embodiment of this season, during the team’s bout against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The pair, a woman and a man both in Leafs gear, were caught on camera taking a hilariously awkward selfie.

In the short video, the woman reaches over to take a selfie with the man who puts on a smile for the camera before immediately resorting back to a scowl.

It's hard to blame the guy either since the Leafs were losing 6-1 at the time, yikes.

It was later revealed on Twitter that the pair were brother and sister.

It was initially assumed that they were a couple, which only adds to the embarrassment of the moment. It was also noted that there is a bit of age gap between the two of them, which makes a whole lot of sense.

What makes Toronto’s performance so heartbreaking is the fact that just six weeks ago, they were named as a favourite for the Cup.

According to Sportsnet, The Leafs were lumped into a group of teams alongside Tampa Bay, Vegas, Nashville, and Dallas, who were all considered as pre-season Conference and Cup favourites.

To put it in perspective, Toronto is currently marked a 9-9-4 on the season thanks to their most recent loss.

So, is there any hope left for our boys in blue this season? Well, it's unclear at the moment, but anything is possible.

I mean, people underestimated a Toronto team last year and now they're champions—no reason why the Leafs can’t do the same. 

*This article has been updated. 

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