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Toronto Maple Leafs Halloween Costumes Might Be Better Than Ever For 2019

It's always fun to check out how creative Halloween costumes can be. It's even better seeing your favourite players dress up and show off their creativity. The Toronto Maple Leafs Halloween costumes are known for making a splash, and this year, they might have stepped up their game again.

It seems like sports and Halloween are such a good mix. Torontonians have been celebrating their NBA-winning Raptors heroes by carving out pumpkins in their honour.

For the Leafs, October 31 is a day to go all out. Their costumes are just as good as their on-ice ability, some might say. From couple pics to awesome group snaps, these players sure know how to pick out a fun costume for their Halloween party.

Talking of the Halloween party, Mitch Marner seemed to let it slip on Thursday that there's a players' bash in the pipeline. "You'll see on Instagram I'm sure, in a couple hours," he said, and yup, we did. 

And, with all the pictures released so far, it looks to be safe to say the Halloween festivities have already started for many of the players.

Here's a selection of some of the best of the Leafs costumes we've seen for Halloween 2019.

You can clearly tell some players went all out.

We particularly enjoyed Auston Matthews' Freddie Mercury —  did he grow that moustache just for this purpose? — and Freddy Gauthier's Sherlock Holmes-esque attire.

Others seem to have come up with some quick ideas, and some of them are pretty creative, to say the least.

Never stop, TML.

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