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Toronto Men's Road Rage Brawl Caught On Dash Cam

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Between the traffic, the one way streets, and the construction, we all know that driving in Toronto can get pretty crazy. At one point or another, we've all felt that road rage and probably imagined giving some choice words to the other drivers out there. Or maybe you were even bold enough to actually do it.

Well, earlier this month on Castlefield Avenue in Toronto, two men went above and beyond yelling a few rude comments out the car window and started a full on street brawl, and unfortunately for them, a dash cam was there to capture the whole thing.

The altercation started with the passenger of a white Mitsubishi opening the door to say something to the driver in a red Volkswagen, at which point the driver of the Volkswagen gets out of his car. He is swiftly met by the driver of the Mitsubishi and the two start a physical fight. Passengers from both cars try to get out and stop the fight, but have no luck there.


But in the midst of all that craziness, a little faith in humanity is restored when the bystanders in the cars behind the clearly out of control men get out and break up the fight. I mean, they even pulled the Volkswagen driver out of the other car after he jumped in, trying to continue the fight. There are still some decent people out there and that's what I'm choosing to take away from this. Well, that and the fact that any road rage I'm feeling will never even come close to comparing to this, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.