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Toronto’s September Movie Expo Actually Allows You To Pitch Your Ideas To Industry Experts

An upcoming exhibition in Toronto is pulling the curtains back on the movie industry and sharing all of its secrets! The Toronto Movie Expo, taking place Sept. 20-22, will give attendees the opportunity to learn about all the work that takes place behind the scenes, and you'll even have a chance to win funding for your own movie project! So, if you're looking to break into the industry yourself, or simply love movies and want to learn more about them, then Exhibition Place is the place to be this September.

Co-founder of the event and award-winning Canadian actor Taz Garcia says Canadians looking to break into the industry are often discouraged at the lack of opportunity here. It's this dismay that inspired Garcia and the original founder Zin She-To to create The Movie Expo.

"(We) finally felt that after this all this time and being very fortunate to meet and connect with so many top industry people, that we would be able to provide a platform where we can bring those opportunities (and) networks to the Canadian market," Garcia tells Narcity.

The three-day event will feature seminars and speeches from actors, producers, composers, and other industry insiders from movies and shows like "Breaking Bad," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Mission Impossible," and more!

The price of admission varies daily, but for as low as $35 you can expect to learn a ton of industry secrets, participate in helpful classes, and get a full look at everything behind the scenes.

Whether you're interested in acting, stunts, VFX, production, distribution, casting, or funding, there is something for everyone. The best part? You'll even have the chance to pitch and receive funding for your own project!

What's more, you don't even need a completed script to pitch your idea. There will be funders, producers, distributors, and sales agents available to hear about projects, no matter what stage of development they're in, according to Garcia.

No ideas? No problem! The Movie Expo is still a must-attend event for any curious cinephile who one day hopes to work in the film industry. Because, as Garcia explains, networking is everything in this business.

"Network, network, network. Come to the expo and you will be able to find that all our speakers will give the tips and insights on how to get started or take it to the next level," says Garcia.

More details including speaker names, floor plans, and schedules can be found on The Movie Expo website.

The Movie Expo

Location:100 Princes' Blvd., Toronto

Price: $35 Friday, $45 Saturday, $40 Sunday

Why you need to go: Whether you're looking to break into the movie industry or simply love movies, there's a little something for everyone at The Movie Expo.


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