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Toronto Named The 'Raccoon Capital Of The World'

Now here’s a title we can all get behind.
Toronto Named The 'Raccoon Capital Of The World'

Toronto is known for many things, but its most distinguishing feature is one that we often overlook: raccoons.

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Pro-Pest, a human animal and pest removal company, gave Toronto the noble title of “Raccoon Capital of the World,” and we’re not upset about it.

“They are tiny, intelligent animals that normally live in the wild - such as the lush tree-lined ares of the city of Toronto, Ontario,” explained Pro-Pest. “In recent years these seemingly harmless animals began rapidly populating and have infiltrated Toronto urban life.”

According to their statistics, the city accommodates over 100,000 raccoons, which first started their invasion in 2002 when the city launched its “organics bin” program.

“[The bins] became attractive fodder for raccoons, which found them easy to open by tipping them. With ample food at their disposal, these furry creatures flocked into neighbourhoods and backyards.”

Raccoons can often be pesky, but there’s no denying their cuteness. Toronto has always had a special relationship with raccoons- there’s an Instagram page dedicated entirely to the furry critters, and random people in the city even held a sidewalk funeral for one that passed away in 2015.

Though, citizens should still take caution if faced with a raccoon. At the end of the day, they are still wild creatures and are not meant to be taken in as pets. In fact, there’s currently a rise in raccoon-related rabies in Ontario, so citizens should avoid contact with wild raccoons as much as possible.

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