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Toronto Now Has A "Lobster Poutine" And It's Everything You Want It To Be

'Little Fin' restaurant is making Montrealers jealous one bite at a time.

Photo cred - Little Fin

Toronto is slowly and surely becoming the poutine capital of the world. Sorry, Montreal, but we're the ones who hosted a gigantic all-you-can-eat poutine championship, and while the 514 has been pretty stagnant in their poutine-creations, Toronto resto's are seriously getting creative with some powerful poutines. Case in point, the lobster poutine from Little Fin.

Even though the resto is named Little Fin, the joint is big on flavour, which their holy fusion of lobster, cheese, fries, and gravy definitely proves. Lobster may be slightly fancy eating fare, but Little Fin brings it back down to basics in the purely delicious from of poutine, and we can't wait to gain a few pounds on this bad boy.

Beyond poutine, Little Fin also rocks hamburgers, grilled cheeses, and salads. Little Fin's surf 'n turf hamburgers look pretty legit, but its the grilled cheese that have our mouths watering. A Lobster Grilled Cheese (pic below) with leeks, milk bread,  cheese curds and bacon jam is now on the top of our to-eat list, after the Lobster Poutine, of course.

Check out some mouthwatering eyegasms of Little Fin's menu below, and be sure to check out their full menu on their official website and Facebook page here.

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