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Toronto Now Has A Women's Self-Defense School

Nothing hotter than a woman who can kick some ass.
Toronto Now Has A Women's Self-Defense School

While inner strength does go a long way, even strong, independent women should know there are unfortunately certain physical dangers that exist in our world. It doesn't matter how cautious we are, we can't foresee everything, and even we can be caught off-guard sometimes. What we can control is how to respond to these events, and be better prepared to handle the unexpected. Plus, if it helps us look fitter, than even better, am I right!

Enter Elite Martial Arts, an award-winning training facility specialized in Krav Maga and Muay Thai techniques. After seeing a spike in female enrolment in recent years, owner and head instructor, Dan Novak, decided to design a personalized self-defense program that specifically addresses the most common types of attacks on women.

"I suspect this is due to the fact that Krav Maga is a complete fighting system that addresses any possible situation that a female may find herself in.  We know that the defensive tactics our female students are learning, will be enough to keep them safe when faced with a possible confrontation. Krav Maga is a great way to level the playing field, so-to-speak."

The program is offered once a month at both the Toronto and Mississauga locations, and is free to female students as part of their membership. Each course starts with 30 minutes of Elite Conditioning, followed by a professional 90-minute self-defense seminar.  Students are taught a wide range of defensive tactics in a progressive manner to ensure proper technique and fundamentals are learned. Even just Krav Maga basics are enough to help get out of a bad situation.

By the end of these seminars, you're left feeling more secure and more confident than ever:  Member Suellen Chui says, "techniques are easy to learn but highly effective [ her] "peace of mind knowing that I'm learning defensive tactics that I could use in real life, and could be potentially life-saving."

Jennifer Fioacca, who has been an EMA member now for 2 years, feels the course has, "abled her to improve her physical fitness, as well as learn some very valuable self-defense techniques. I also enjoy that each seminar begins with a great 30-minute Elite Conditioning session. It’s a challenging and fun full-body workout!"

Learning self-defense not only offers amazing fitness benefits such as a complete workout, but it's also extremely empowering, and the skills it teaches you will help make you feel safer in your own skin. Especially useful when living in a big city like Toronto. Because really, what's hotter than a woman who can kick some ass?!

Check out the Elite Martial Arts website  and Facebook page for complete information on the Women's Self-Defense program.