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A Toronto Opera Singer Is Serenading The City From Her Balcony (VIDEO)

Talk about spreading joy in tough times.
Toronto Opera Singer Julie Nesrallah Is Serenading The City From Her Balcony (VIDEO)

Music and the arts seem to be bringing people together across the world right now. Mezzo-soprano singer and host of CBC Music's "Tempo," Julie Nesrallah, agrees and she decided to give back to her community by performing on her 6ix balcony. A video of her singing uploaded onto Twitter on March 17 has seen the Toronto opera singer go viral with over 240,000 views so far.

As the people of Italy, which has been hit harder than most nations by the COVID-19 pandemic, remain in lockdown and ordered to stay indoors, many have found ways to keep themselves entertained.

One trend which has gone viral in recent days has been videos showing residents of Itay and other countries singing and performing with their instruments to give joy to their neighbours.

And Nesrallah, a multi-award-winning vocalist and longtime classical music radio host, told Narcity she couldn't help but feel inspired to bring the same kind of positivity to the city of Toronto.

"I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this wonderful tenor in Italy singing from his balcony to his neighbours because Italy is in lockdown," Nesrallah told Narcity by phone.

Lifted by what she saw and the joy it gave, Nesrallah asked her followers if they thought she should do the same.

“Without really thinking it would go bananas, I retweeted it and said: 'Wait guys, what do you think? Should I follow suit?' and it kind of exploded,” shares Nesrallah.

As Torontonians are being asked to practice social distancing, many are spending all of their days indoors right now, entertaining themselves to the best of their ability.

And Nesrallah shared her remarkable talents with her neighbours from her downtown condo balcony at around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17 before sharing the clip online.

In what she calls a "Sunset Recital," the CBC host decided to go all out and dress up. 

“My neighbours came out on their balconies to hear it, people down in the streets stopped, a car came to a halt, honked his horn after it was over,” says Nesrallah of the reaction her impromptu performance received.

And she shares that people were so happy that she even got encore and song requests.

“I got encores, I got people like ‘come out and do another one’,” shares Nesrallah.

And it certainly seems, judging by the reaction online to the video of her performance, that people want to see and hear more.

Although she doesn't plan to repeat the show this week, she shares that she's hoping to perform her "Sunset Recital" at the same time next week and with some new song requests.

So, if you're looking for things to do at home in Toronto right now while you're locking down, why not add an exclusive balcony concert to your list?

Honestly, we need more stories like this right now.

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