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Names are important. They set the tone for a place, and a good title can go a long way. Well, residents have pointed out that one Toronto park doesn't sound too delightful. In fact, they're now suggesting even more unpleasant names for the site.

A Leslieville park is getting some online buzz after its name caught people's attention.

Main Sewage Treatment Playground has actually been around under that moniker for years. But now, after renewed attention, some Redditors are calling for a change and pitching in a few ideas of their own.

According to the City of Toronto website, the 11.2-hectare park, located at 1091 Eastern Ave. near Queen Street East and Coxwell Avenue, has its very own ball diamond as well as the Tubs & Gee Gage Rugby field.

Main Sewage Treatment Playground is also home to the Ashbridges Bay Skate Park, which has a lot of boarding ramps, jumps, and even a rare skating bowl, according to the site.

There are also two bike trails and a children's playground nearby.

What it doesn't have, though, is an appealing name.

According to NOW Magazine, almost 11 years ago, this playground was coined as "smelly park" due to its history of industrialization in the area.

That puts the current name in some context, but Redditors are still struck by how unsuitable it is for a kids' play area.

"Kids are often dirty but calling them sewage might be a little much," says one user.

But the biggest trend was that of users putting their heads together to offer alternate suggestions for the name.

The thinking seems to be that if you're going to give a park an unappealing title, you might as well go all out.

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from toronto

"Everybody poops, the playground." 

You can't fault their descriptiveness.

Despite what the good people of Reddit may think, though, there hasn't been any talk to change the name.

Despite its title, the Main Sewage Treatment Playground definitely gives the Leslieville community something to talk about.

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