Toronto's Reopening Park Washrooms So People Don't Have To Poop On The Floor Again

Finally, some "relief" for park-goers!
Toronto Park Washrooms Are Finally Opening Up Again Starting With Trinity Bellwoods

Toronto is doing all it can to avoid suffering Trinity Bellwoods Number Two. The city's latest reopening plans might come as a "relief" for some, as it looks like the 6ix will be opening about 1,500 Toronto park washrooms over the next two weeks. As parks and recreational centres have already started to reopen, the need for facilities to follow has become all too apparent.

Washrooms have been closed in City parks since March but are now being opened up again in line with increased demand.

In particular, City spokesperson Brad Ross told CP24 that the public washroom at Trinity Bellwoods Park will open in time for this weekend.

It doesn't seem coincidental that the city is prioritizing that park after last weekend's messy ordeal.

Waves of groups decided to party over at Trinity Bellwoods and completely ignored social distancing measures in place.

And some people were actually going to the bathroom in and around the park. Police reported some had even pooped on nearby residents' lawns due to the lack of available public washrooms.

That was a disgusting scene that City staff seem hellbent on ensuring doesn't happen again anytime soon. And who can blame them?

Ross added that washrooms in other city parks will be reopened over the next couple of weeks after the immediate focus on Trinity Bellwoods.

“We need to do a deep clean to get them open and then regular cleanings throughout,” he concluded.

It seems like the whole of Trinity Bellwoods needed that deep clean, to be honest.

What happened at that park has been a prominent topic this week.

And after the chaos, it's getting a total makeover to ensure social distancing is really followed.

The City has painted on the social distancing circles that have seemed to work so well in Brooklyn, N.Y. and San Francisco, Calif. in recent weeks.

Now we'll just have to wait and see how effective this new upgrade will be.

At least, with public washrooms opening again, people can go back to pooping in private.

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