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Drinking in parks is a pastime of many. And not being booted out by law enforcement, grouchy neighbors, and nancy do-gooders is key when practising this hobby.

Check out which Toronto parks made the list.

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Trinity Bellwoods

Pretty obvious one right here and any seasoned park drinker will be well acquainted will Bellwoods. The original funspot, the grandaddy of good times, any given bush is sure to have something illicit going on behind it.

Christie Pitts

So many dark corners for doing things like...finishing that overdue homework assignment or helping that old women carry her groceries. Yea no. Let’s get drunk and roll down the really big hill please.

Ashbridges Bay

If you find yourself in the east end looking for love and a park to drink at chill here. It’s close to the beach and skate park, lot’s of potential mischief for a wandering drunk to get up to. Also the nearby mcdonalds is a great go to after all the drinks be had.

High Park

It’s so big here. One could live their entire life in high park and go unnoticed. So when it comes to illegal activities and hiding from the authorities or rather hiding from just about anybody, this is the place to be yo.

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Riverdale Park

Best tobogganing in the city but you already knew that. Drunk tobogganing is the answer to all of life’s problems. As is getting a mickey and wandering around this park, lying on a bench, making out with a hobo, whatever it is you people do in these parks after dark.

Toronto Music Garden

This is park drinking for the well-to-do. A rather quaint park one might have to be a bit sneakier while drinking here. Usually a festival or something similiar to a festival is happening nearby. Prime location right by the waterfront, this is where the Donald Trump’s of the park drinking world hang.

Allan Gardens

Speaking of sketchy, have I suggested you go park drinking in Allan Garden’s yet? Oh wait I just did. If you are looking to get your sketch on, maybe marvel at the sites (homeless people doing just about anything & everything) this is your park and never let anybody tell you different. I’m sure the law would turn a blind eye, actually on a more realistic note, you are the least of their worries, what with your lack of weapons and meth (I’m assuming you don’t do meth, don’t do meth!!).