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Pearson Is Freakishly Empty Now & The List Of Flights Is Absolutely Tiny (PHOTOS)

Nearly 1,000 less flights are leaving the airport a day.
Toronto Pearson Airport Is Freakishly Empty & The List Of Flights Is Absolutely Tiny (PHOTOS)

As Ontario continues to be on lockdown, Toronto Pearson Airport is starting to look like a ghost town. While flights are still available, the current travel advisory has caused a major decline in traffic through the largest airport in the province. Multiple photos have been surfacing on social media that showcase just how apocalyptic the terminals really look. 

Since the pandemic has started, Toronto Pearson staff have confirmed to Narcity that they have seen a huge drop in activity.

"We’re seeing approximately 5,000 passengers per day, compared to a normal average of 130,000," Senior Advisor of Communications Robin Smith wrote in an email. "The number of flights has dropped as well, from an average of 1,300 per day to approximately 350 per day."Airlines have also been suspending service and laying off staff. A large chunk of the passenger airlines are not even operating at the moment. In fact, there are only nine that are. "There are approximately nine passenger airlines operating at Pearson, compared to 67 airlines that were operating previously," Smith wrote. Posts have also popped up on social media appearing to show only a few flights listed on the terminal's departure screen.

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However, Smith clarifies that the screen only shows the number of flights that are going out until midnight. 

"The board only shows flights remaining until midnight. As flights depart, they disappear from the board.  After midnight, the next 24 hour period populates on the boards." 

"One of those photos was taken at about 6:45pm, based on the time on the screen, which would explain why there are fewer flights listed."

Not only have flights been more scarce, but the airport itself looks emptier than ever.

Photos of empty terminals, parking lots and queues have been posted on social media to show the lack of passengers that usually fill the airport. 

"Dark Days Toronto Pearson  YYZ... tonight is post apocalyptic empty. It's unsettling and odd to see now cars around, when 9pm is a usually busy time for the airport," wrote one Twitter user. 

While the future of international travel is still in a grey area right now, Canada is preparing to reopen.

Earlier this month, Air Canada stated that passengers could be able to fly around the world again by Christmas.  

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